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ABS Fire and Safety Symbolic Signage


ABS Symbolic Fire and Safety Signs

ABS plastic is largely used in the signage industry for its durability and light weight. We use 0.9 mm thick for most jobs, whether screenprinted or applicated with vinyl, although thicker ABS is available when needed. All our Fire and Safety symbolic signs are SABS Approved.

ABS is used for Fire and Safety Signage, the kind you probably see almost everywhere but have not always noticed. These are the SABS approved symbols for noting where fire extinguishers, hoses and escape routes etc are located, as well as those for all mandatory and warning signs. (SABS 1186-1 : 1997)

  • FIRE FIGHTING INFORMATION (eg : hydrant/hose/arrow)
  • GENERAL INFORMATION (eg: Green – Escape route left)
  • PROHIBITORY (eg: no smoking / open flame)
  • MANDATORY (eg1: Use refuse bin / Eg2: Hard hat to be worn)
  • WARNING (eg: warning of suspended load)

SYMBOLICS’ SIZES : Standard 150 mm square, 190, 290 and 440 (the most commonly used being the 290mm square).

An ABS 600 x 900 mm SYMBOLIC CHART is also available in english showing the complete set of symbols with their meanings and codes, especially for inside factories where employees may be unaware of what a particular warning sign (for example) may mean when it is relevant to work carried out there.


We also do :

  • Vinyl (Peel ‘n stick) symbolics
  • Combination symbolics (eg: Red arrow + extinguisher)
  • Double sided symbolics for hanging suspension
  • Emergency assembly point signs (600x500mm)
  • “5 in 1” Electrical Substation signs (800x500mm)
  • Aluminium symbolics (commonly the 150x150mm)
  • Extinguisher backing board CHEVRONS (800x400mm)
  • Pipe code chart (400x250mm)
  • Non STD symbolics with/without text (“user-defined”)
  • Smoking Regulation signs (S.A. law) & smoking area signs
  • Lock out/ “Unsafe to use” / “Do not remove” tags for machinery

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