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COVID-19 / Coronavirus Safety Signage

COVID-19 Safety Signs

As the economy is starting to open up, there is a critical need to ensure your workplace is as protected as possible to stop the spread. With our health and safety signs available in both English and Zulu, your employees will be informed as to what they need to do to play their part and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Companies are responsible for creating awareness and implementing good practices to curb the spread of COVID-19  (Coronavirus).  To create a safe working environment for employees, contractors and the public, Metal Signs has produced a range of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) related health and safety signs.

We are specifically set up to manufacture to your requirements for COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

Our COVID-19 signs are available in both English and Zulu.

COVID-19 Floor Signs

Our non-slip COVID-19 (Coronavirus) floor signs help to clearly communicate social distancing for a wide range of retail and industrial premises. COVID-19 floor signs help to prevent infection by clearly communicating social distancing.

They help to easily organise one-directional foot traffic, queues, and sanitation reminders to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Floor signs help to maintain social distancing. The social distancing requirement is managed through appropriate placement of stickers on the floor of your retail store or business premises.  This will encourage visitors to maintain safe social distancing.

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Your New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented change to every part of our lives. Our high quality COVID-19 safety signs will help you discover and navigate your way through the myriad of changes. Stay safe and healthy. Remain productive at home or in the office environment. Take care of your current responsibilities and the health of those around you.

COVID-19 Signs (English and Zulu)

COVID-19 Signs (English and Zulu)

COVID-19 Non-Slip Floor Stickers


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